SARO Boutique Corner: How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

Welcome to the SARO Boutique Corner!

Many of our loyal customers come to our showrooms and wonder: “How in the world do I wear this long infinity scarf?”

We have just the answer for you. Though there are infinite ways to wear our infinity scarves, fashion team got together and streamlined 9 new looks that will render your scarf purchase flexible for any season: from summer accessorizing to winter warmth, find the look that works with your wardrobe.


S367 Ruffled Infinity 100% Acrylic

Crimson, Pink, Moca, Slate, Ivory, Black

This crimson Ruffled Infinity Scarf can be worn around the neck and casually draping over the shoulders, over to the side as a sash, and even through the arm and hanging toward the back to accent a simple shirt.

S0112 Infinity With Fringes 100% Acrylic

Violet, Turquoise, Slate, Ivory, Black

You can double loop our Infinity With Fringes to acheive a neckline look. It is also long and thick enough to wear as a throw off to the side, even a belt!

S008 Knitted Infinity, 100% Acrylic

Slate, Chocolate, Black

Whether it’s twisted at the front like a blouse, draped on the side, or worn traditionally, the netting on this Knitted Infinity accents a neutral look.

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